Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Interfaith Ceremony

You may be like many engaged couples who contact us, and are of different religious backgrounds. You may feel that the only harmonious option is a civil ceremony. This is not true. By getting to know you, we create a beautiful ceremony that blends your beliefs and cultural traditions into a lovely, unique ceremony that has been designed just for you.

Traditional / Religious Ceremony

Perhaps you would like a traditional religious ceremony, but have been married before, or choose not to have the ceremony performed in a church or synagogue. We will work with you to bring many traditional aspects and blessings to your wedding ceremony. Ceremonies designed by us are always unique, authentic and moving.

Spiritual / Non-Denominational Ceremony

You may desire a spiritual ceremony but not necessarily a traditional religious one. Again, we get to know you and your belief system and create a beautiful ceremony that reflects your spirituality and love for one another.

Civil Ceremony

You may wish to have a civil ceremony and feel your only option is a "City Hall" wedding. Many couples find this experience to be rather impersonal, and do not wish to start their married life together this way. If you are seeking a civil ceremony, we will work closely with you to create a beautiful ceremony that reflects the love you share for each other. Your ceremony may include poems and readings, or anything else that your heart desires.