Types of Ceremonies

Custom Designed Weddings

We design and perform Wedding Ceremonies for couples in love, whether it is your first marriage or otherwise. We also have some beautiful ceremonies for blended families, in which the children may participate, so they feel they are part of the new marriage. We marry partners of different faiths, and those who have been previously divorced or widowed. We happily accommodate the inclusion of children, family, friends, music, special themes, readings, pets and different cultures into ceremonies. We perform ceremonies in Churches, outdoor sites, local lodges, bed and breakfasts, and local gardens. Spring and Summer are especially popular times for weddings so please contact us with your date to determine our availability. This may avoid disappointment. All ceremonies are performed legally and must be accompanied by a legal marriage license.

Below is a list of some of the various types of ceremonies that we can design and perform for you. When we meet with you we will help you choose the type of ceremony that you wish, or design a custom ceremony just for you.

Sensitive Commitment Ceremony

For those who desire a public celebration of their commitment to one another, and choose not to be legally married, we perform beautiful, custom designed Commitment Ceremonies. If your circumstances do not allow for a legally licensed marriage ceremony, contact us and we'll discuss performing a Hand Fasting, Expression of Vows, or another ceremony that declares your love for one another. This affords the opportunity to proclaim your commitment in a ceremony, including family and friends, or more privately, for you and your partner.

Renewal Of Vows

To mark a special benchmark or anniversary, you may want to renew your vows. We work with you to create a ceremony that celebrates the life that your love and committment has created. This may certainly include other family members, such as children and grandchildren.

Special Circumstances

Perhaps you have planned your wedding, the invitations have gone out, and your friends and family are ready to celebrate your life togehter. Oops - the divorce that you thought would be final is not. Rather than canceling the celebration, we can perform a committment ceremony. Once the obstacles to legal marriage are removed, we will be happy to perform a legal wedding ceremony at the time and place of your choosing.

Maybe your special bundle of joy is arriving earlier that you planned, and you wish to formalize your relationship before this blessed event. We can create a ceremony that recognizes your child and the life that you are intending to create together.