Planning your wedding near Boone, NC.

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. At Blue Ridge Ministers we have made the process simple for you.

  • Budget - Although budget should not be your first concern in planning your wedding, it is a concern. A larger budget allows for a broader range of options and experiences. Do not equate bigger to better. Imagine you and your finance standing with your friends and family in a beautiful park and getting married. This may be your dream of a perfect wedding, and the costs associated with this type of wedding do not need to be onerous.
  • Date and Time - In Watauga County and the areas surrounding Boone, NC picking your time of year may also save you money. Most couples plan to wed during the spring / summer months. Picking an off time of year when the venue for your wedding is not as busy can be a wonderful way to add extras to your wedding plans that would not be possible during the 'prime times'. For example, picking a time after 'leaf peeping season' and before ski season might allow you to have a more pleasurable wedding, or spend a night in a high end hotel or B&B when it might not have been possible during the prime season.
  • Location - There are many beautiful settings in the Boone area, both indoors and outdoors which are available. Would you like to be married near a gentle flowing stream in a local park with a small intimate group of friends and family, or would you like to be married in a large venue with a large number of your friends and family?
  • Choosing a minister - For those who are associated with an organized religion this may be as simple as asking Rev. Smith, whom you have know since you were a child, to officiate. For those who are marrying for a second time, marrying someone of a different faith, or are spiritual rather than religious, then this choice may be a bit more difficult.
    This is the area were we come in. We work with couples to create and design their ceremony and legally perform it for them. Talk to your prospective choice for a minister, see how you feel with about them. Do they put you at ease? Are they easy to work with? Do they have any requirements of you as a couple? What does your 'gut' say about working with this person(s). These are just a few of things to think about when choosing your minister.
  • Designing your ceremony - Some ministers perform the same ceremony over and over again, and there is little or no change for each couple. If you wish your ceremony to be personalized then ask your minister how they create a wedding ceremony. There is a general flow to the ceremony, and in another article we will discuss the parts of a wedding ceremony. For now, ask yourself if you would like to choose readings, vows, rituals, or ring blessings that are unique to you. If the answer to this question is yes, then make sure that your choice for officiant can provide this service.

Contact us so that we can schedule your ceremony before we get busy!