Rev. Roseanne Rosvally is an ordained interfaith minister.
She holds a Master's Degree in Education, and taught in the area of special education for over 30 years.

Roseanne has also studied many healing modalities. Her love of crystals led to study with Gemisphere, where she learned about the actions of crystals, subtle-body anatomy and physiology, and how to use crystals to facilitate healing. She has studied hypnotherapy, and traveled to France to study the use of sound to facilitate healing.




Dr. Rev. George Rosvally is a teacher, healer and spiritual advisor.

George has studied Celtic/Druid, Native American, South American, Huna (Hawaiian) and Norse shamanic traditions. This path led him to Nepal where he was fully initiated into the ancient Bön (Tibetan and Newar, or Nepali native) tradition.

George studied and practices hypnotherapy. He is a P.E.E.R facilitator, and has assisted John Lee, one of the co-developers of the P.E.E.R. (Primary Emotional Energy Recovery) system. George is also a Reiki Mentor (Master), and a Minister Director for the Universal Brotherhood, a non-denominational inter-faith organization headquartered in Coral Springs, FL.